Terry Hams

Terry Hams

Terry Hams, MSc

Mr. Hams is an ecologist with over 10 years’ experience working in terrestrial ecology and five years of experience as an environmental consultant for private industry and residential developments. He has extensive knowledge of terrestrial species and surveys, species at risk, wetland and habitat classification, and has worked on projects across the United States and Canada. Terry has performed literature reviews, species at risk assessments, environmental construction monitoring, statistical analysis and interpretation of wildlife data, and wrote Constraints Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, and Environmental Assessments.

Terry began his field career as a bird bander for the Institute for Bird Populations in Missouri during the summer of 2006. He then worked as a wildlife technician for the next year in California, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, performing terrestrial wildlife species at risk surveys. He began working on his Masters of Science Degree in Ecology in 2006 at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, and spent the next three summers working as a breeding bird surveyor for the University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point (2006) and for the University of Minnesota in Duluth (2007 through 2009). Terry has also volunteered as an owl surveyor, dragonfly surveyor, passerine bander, and participated in the Christmas Bird Count every year since 2006.

Terry began working in environmental consulting in 2011 after spending half a year as a laboratory and field technician at University of Minnesota in Duluth. He was responsible for planning and conducting terrestrial field surveys for breeding birds, raptors, waterfowl, amphibians, turtles, species at risk, mammals, and wetland and habitat classification for a large environmental consulting firm in the prairies. He also assisted with vegetation and aquatics surveys when required. Terry has performed surveys on foot and by snowshoe, and from helicopters, ATV, UTV and Argos in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. He conducted species at risk assessment and nest sweep surveys for pre-construction and environmental monitoring of construction sites for SaskPower, Imperial oil, and Cenovus Energy. Terry also performed statistical analysis of field data, interpreted the results and wrote the terrestrial biology section of Environmental Assessment reports for potash mine projects.

In 2014, Terry transferred Ottawa where he planned and completed terrestrial field surveys, wrote Environmental Impact Statements and Constraints Reports, and performed species at risk assessment using both desktop and field data. He worked on the TransCanda EMP project in the summer of 2014 and 2015 preforming terrestrial field surveys and pre-construction nest sweeps and species at risk assessments. He recently completed training in the use of acoustic monitors for bat surveys and used this training to survey for bats in the summer of 2015.

Terry began working for Kilgour & Associates Ltd. in February 2016, where he has performed species at risk assessments tree inventory surveys, environmental construction monitoring, fish removals for in water construction works, and wrote Environmental Impact Statements. He has been active with our mining and land-development clients, in addition to municipalities and airports.