Cynthia Levesque

Cynthia Levesque, BSc

Cynthia has over 30 years’ experience in environmental impact assessment, community level program evaluation, environmental and health planning. The main focus of her work, conducted for all levels of government, private industry and non-profit organizations, has been in the area of natural areas management and policy for sustainable communities. Her expertise has developed through completion of projects in natural asset planning; environmental assessments for pipelines, aggregate extraction, mining and municipal infrastructure; research in forest and agricultural soils; environmental enforcement; municipal program effectiveness; literature reviews for air quality; conservation area and urban forest management plans and development of environmental education programs.

Cynthia has led the policy development and public consultation processes for a number of high profile environmental initiatives such as the National Capital Commission’s Greenbelt Master Plan and the City of Ottawa’s pesticide reduction strategy, nutrient management on agricultural lands, air quality and climate change management plan, natural environment review processes for development applications, wetlands protection and an overall environmental sustainability strategy, a twenty year strategic plan to improve the environmental performance of the City’s corporate business and within the community.

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