Charles Hatry

Charles Hatry, MSc

Charles is a fisheries biologist, at Kilgour & Associates. He came to us from Carleton University where he worked with Dr. Steve Cooke, and was involved in several fish tagging studies examining the behaviour and movements of various species of fish including suckers and Lake Sturgeon.

Charles started with us in July 2013, and since then has completed numerous field programs involving the collection of water, sediments, invertebrates and fish from rivers and lakes across Ontario. One of his favourite projects was a two-week excursion to Shebandowan Lake, north of Thunder Bay. He has become well acquainted with the lakes and rivers in the Sudbury/Espanola region as well, and is excited about working with Lake Sturgeon in the Spanish River.

Charles is leading our use of telemetry equipment. Radio tagging is a new tool for us, improving our understanding of the behaviour of fish (and other animals) and their uses of habitat in the vicinity of infrastructure. Charles attached radio tags to Lake Sturgeon in the Lower Spanish River in the spring of 2014 in order to determine the movements of that species in the vicinity of a hydroelectric facility. His work taught us that individuals do use the habitat of a plunge pool, and then reside in the river for various periods, but return to Georgian Bay before the end of the summer.

Please feel free to download a copy of Charles Hatry’s resume