Catherine Proulx

Catherine Proulx, MSc

Catherine, our newest biologist at Kilgour & Associates, is an ecologist with a background in aquatic environments and spatial ecology. She started with us in May 2015 after completing her MSc at the University of Ottawa, where she studied darter assemblages in various tributaries of the Ottawa River in Québec.

Since joining Kilgour & Associates, Catherine has completed numerous field programs involving the collection of water, sediments, invertebrates and fish from waterbodies in Ontario and Alberta. Catherine has also processed (sorted and identified) benthos, dissected fish, and carried out species at risk surveys.

Catherine is knowledgeable of various statistical methods including generalized linear models, mixed-effects models, multivariate analyses and meta-analyses. Catherine has skills in spatial analyses and GIS modelling.

Catherine is bilingual, fluent in both English and French.

Please feel free to download a copy of Catherine Proulx’s resume