Bruce Kilgour

Bruce Kilgour, PhD, Principal

Dr. Kilgour is an aquatic ecotoxicologist and fish habitat biologist. He has applied his 25+ years of experience in natural environment studies to the full life-cycle of industrial and government projects. He has conducted Municipal Class, Provincial, and Federal process environmental assessments in support of proposed infrastructure and industrial facilities including dams, piers, roads, and other linear corridors. As part of those EA processes, he has procured, on behalf of proponents, required environmental permits and approvals, often involving the development of environmental mitigation, restoration and/or compensation strategies.

Bruce has a BSc in Fisheries from the University of Guelph, a MSc in Aquatic Science from Guelph, and obtained his PhD in Aquatic Biology from the University of Waterloo. He has been consulting since 1990, and has worked on projects across Canada, and internationally. A conventional field biologist who spends about 20% of his year with waders on, Dr. Kilgour has a strong statistical background and a grounding in study design. He is recognized for his contributions to the Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs for the pulp & paper and metal mining sectors, and has led or completed hundreds of EEM programs in almost every province and territory in the country.

In addition to field programs, Dr. Kilgour is well-versed in aquatic toxicological methods, having developed standardized methods for testing with Zebra Mussels in the 1990’s. He has worked with Environment Canada in the development/refinement of protocols for deriving water quality guidelines, and has analyzed large data sets leading to the development of guidelines for nutrients in surface waters. He has been active in the last five years in the development of Best Management Practices for protecting fish and fish habitat during construction in or near water.