Habitat Restoration/Creation

Habitat Restoration/Creation

Our key people have worked collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams to develop ecological restoration plans for numerous degraded systems across Ontario. These projects normally involve field work to characterize the existing environment, and to determine a realistic restoration objective. We work with engineers to develop concept, functional and construction-ready designs.

Poole Creek

Poole Creek bank stabilization

Poole Creek is a tributary to the Carp River in the west end of Ottawa. Kilgour & Associates were retained to manage fish habitat enhancement works that were designed as habitat compensation for the Huntmar Road Bridge over the creek. The works involved the installation of cobble riffles, the re-enforcement of a failing bank, and the removal of debris jams that were causing the watercourse to direct towards the failing bank. The fish community community was monitored in the spring and summer following the restoration activities. All of the fish that were found in the years prior to construction were found in typical numbers. Northern pike and brown trout were two additional species found in the channel segment where the work was done. Neither of those species had been found in prior surveys.

Jock River

Fish Habitat Compensation Pond

The pond in the photo was constructed adjacent to the Jock River as compensation for the filling of 20,000 m of drains on former agricultural lands. The pond is connected to the Jock River and was designed to provide potential spawning habitat for northern pike. The pond was monitored for a period of two years post construction. Pike were observed in the pond in year 2, in addition to 15 other species of fish, plus frogs and snapping turtles.