Jobs at Kilgour & Associates Ltd.


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We are interested in getting to know undergraduates in Ottawa and Sudbury that are studying in biology. We may be able to provide ‘term’ opportunities. If interested, send a resume to Please indicate your experience in the outdoors, and with operating watercraft, ATV’s, snowmobiles, etc., as well as any field experience collecting water, sediment, fish, benthos, animals tracks, birds, or other biological data.

Every year we typically hire 1 biology graduate on a permanent basis. In these cases we are generally looking for the following in a prospective employee:

1. A Master’s degree (or equivalent experience) in fisheries or wildlife;
2. A desire to work out doors;
3. Experience in the collection of fish, benthos, water and sediment;
4. Experience in the monitoring of amphibians, reptiles and birds; and,
5. A desire to travel for work.

Interested persons are encouraged to forward their resumes to

Even if we don’t have something for you now, we encourage you to connect with us, and tell us about yourself. We are always interested in finding out who is out there, and who we might be able to rely on at a later date.