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Jobs at Kilgour & Associates Ltd.

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Jobs Undergrad We are interested in getting to know undergraduates in Ottawa and Sudbury that are studying in biology. We may be able to provide ‘term’ opportunities. If interested, send a resume to Please indicate your experience in the outdoors, and with operating watercraft, ATV’s, snowmobiles, etc., as well as any field experience collecting water, sediment, fish, benthos, animals tracks, birds, or other biological data. Post-graduates Every year we typically hire 1 biology graduate on a permanent basis. In these cases we are generally looking for the following in a prospective employee: 1. A Master’s degree (or equivalent experience) in fisheries or wildlife; 2. A desire to work out doors; 3. Experience in the...

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Longnose Gar

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Rob Hallett was recently out boat-electrofishing with the folks from South Nation Conservation Authority and came up with this Longnose Gar. The fish was caught along the shoreline of St. Lawrence River. The species is not often encountered but is certainly a nice find. Our electrofishing boat has been used for various purposes including inventory of species at risk, inventories of fish habitat compensation projects, and the collection of spawning walleye for egg collection. For more information related to potential use of our boat-shocker unit, please contact Rob Hallett 613–260-5555.

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The Statistics of Normal Ranges

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Normal ranges are being used more and more as generic criteria in environmental monitoring, particularly in Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM). Testing that an observation falls outside a normal range for a reference data set was described by us in 1998 in our paper (Kilgour et al. 1998) in Ecoscience. Study designs in EEM rarely involve comparison of a single value (exposure value) against a normal range, and more typically involve the case of testing whether a mean of exposure data is > 2 SDs away from the mean of reference data. Our first paper did not deal with this second and more typical case. With support from Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), we were finally able to dedicate the time to communicate the steps involved in dealing...

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Urban Forest Planning

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Town of Saugeen Shores Kilgour & Associates Ltd. is working with the Town of Saugeen Shores on Lake Huron to prepare an Urban Forest Management Plan. This Plan is establishing detailed, practical and adaptive guidelines and actions for the Town to follow in its operations so as to achieve long term preservation and enhancement of its urban forest. The Plan integrates urban forest best management practices and standards to meet the main outcomes of proactive and cost-effective protection and maintenance of the existing urban forest on public lands and expansion of forest cover by the Town and its partners. Environmental, social and economic benefits will be realized through effective management that will maintain and enhance the number, quality and diversity of...

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Nunavut sampling program

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Benthos sampling in Nunavut We just completed a survey of benthos from three lakes in Nunavut for a metal mining Environmental Effects Monitoring program. The blackflies were pesky, but the scenery was fascinating. Blueberries and cranberries were in full fruit, and the snow geese were getting ready to head south. Here is a shot of Anthony Francis taking in the surroundings, and with geese setting up formation. We worked with C. Portt and Associates in the delivery of a gold mine in the middle of Nunavut. The work involved the collection of water, sediment, benthos and fish (lake trout and sculpin).

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