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SOSMART and SMARTER The Southern Ontario Stream Monitoring and Research Team (SOSMART) and Stream Monitoring and Research Team Eastern Region (SMARTER) are grassroots, agency initiatives to coordinate the monitoring and research pertaining to stream systems, in Ontario. Kilgour & Associates recently participated in a SMARTER meeting hosted by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA). Bruce Kilgour made two presentations to the group on: (1) lessons about study design learned from 13 years of monitoring in the Athabasca River basin adjacent to oil sands activities; and (2) our recent work on the Canadian Water Quality Index, and ways to reduce the sensitivity of the index to episodic events.

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Habitat Banking

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Habitat Banking Habitat Banking is the creation or enhancement of natural environment habitats prior to causing losses of habitat through development (e.g., urban area expansion). The new or enhanced habitat is the “bank” that is drawn against for losses incurred through other developments. The legal notion of habitat banking is being explored by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, now, and it may become a regulatory tool that industry (and government) can use to compensate for losses to natural habitat in an expedient way. In the absence of formal regulatory tools, habitat banking is already implemented in various and less-formal ways in Canada. Kilgour & Associates Ltd. has been fortunate to be involved in various projects that have involved some form of...

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Spanish River Lake Sturgeon

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Spanish River Lake Sturgeon Kilgour & Associates has completed two years of studies of Lake Sturgeon and Walleye on the Spanish River. Our work has identified and quantified spawning areas for both species in the vicinity of hydro generation facilities on the Spanish River, and sturgeon spawning areas on certain parts of the Spanish River. With Coldwater Consulting and C. Portt and Associates, we examined the effects of hydro operations on spawning habitats of Lake Sturgeon at the base of two generation facilities. A summary of our work was presented at the Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting that was held in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, in early December 2012. The image below illustrates the results of our work,...

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MTO Certification

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MTO Certification Kilgour & Associates is pleased to announce that it has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to provide Consultant Services in Natural Sciences and Environmental Inspection During Construction for provincial highway projects. Two of our staff (Kilgour, Francis) are trained as Fisheries Specialists under MTO’s program. We have provided our services on road projects in the Ottawa Region, including the provision of fisheries mitigations for the reconstruction of the Jockvale Road Bridge over the Jock River, and a species at risk inventory for a culvert installation on Anderson Road. We have the largest team of ecologists in the Ottawa region, and can respond quickly to local inventory requirements quickly, ensuring...

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Water Quality Index

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Canadian Water Quality Index (WQI) Our work on the Canadian Water Quality Index We recently completed an analysis of the Canadian Water Quality Index (WQI), examining its sensitivity to episodic, high-flow events. We used total suspended solids and turbidity as indicators of high-flow events, and found that removing episodic events improved the degree of correlation the index had with indices of benthic invertebrate community composition. Our work is In Press with the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada. The citation is: Kilgour, B.W. A.F. Francis, and V. Mercier. 2012 Reducing the Sensitivity of the Water Quality Index to Episodic Events. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada,...

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